Diau Charn (Diao Chan)


This story was adopted from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In the last years of Eastern Han, Dong Zhuo was a powerful warlord who kidnapped the emperor to Changan, setting ablaze the capital of Luoyang behind him. The devastating fire lasted for three months and claimed countless lives. All citizens in Luoyang were also forced to move to Changan.

Hongchang left for Changan with her parents, who died on the way. Hongchang finally arrived the new capital, where she was adopted by an official Wang Yun. He gave her a new name Diaochan.

When settled in Changan Dong stepped up his brutal repression of dissent. Court officials were under threat. Outrageous at the cruel deeds of Dong and his adopted son Lu Bu, Wang asked Diaochan to sacrifice herself for the sake of the empire. Diaochan promised with generosity.

Wang sent Lu a gold crown, leading Lu to thank him in his residence, where Lu first met Diaochan. He was attracted to her beauty at first sight. Wang told Lu that Diaochan was his daughter and wanted her to marry Lu, which excited Lu.

Soon Wang hosted a banquet at his residence for Dong. Diaochan led a group of dancers to serve Dong and made him addicted to her charm. Wang then sent Diaochan to Dong's residence. Lu asked Wang why he did so, and Wang said Diaochan was invited to discuss the wedding. However, Lu later found that Diaochan had become a concubine of Dong, which made him furious. Diaochan secretly told him to stay calm, but Lu could not help missing her.

One day Dong fell ill and Diaochan was attending his bed. Lu sneaked in to see Diaochan, who assured him that she would never fall in love with someone else. Dong mistook that Lu was harassing his beloved concubine and forbade him from entering his bedroom again. Lu had no choice but left in despair. Dong's assistant Li Ru said Dong should not give Lu a hard time, and Dong promised.

Dong soon recovered and went to see the emperor in palace. Meanwhile, Lu sneaked into Dong's residence to see Diaochan. Suspicions arose as Dong could not see Lu who used to escort him. He returned to his residence immediately and found that Lu was meeting with Diaochan at the Fengyi Pavilion. Furious at Lu's behaviour, Dong tried to kill him, but Lu escaped. Li commented that Dong should marry Diaochan to Lu to maintain Lu's loyalty, but Diaochan refused firmly. She went on to say that she could no longer live in Dong's residence. As a result Dong sent her to live in Meiwu.

On the day when Diaochan was leaving for her new home, Lu saw her crying sadly in the cart. Wang wasted no time to tell Lu the wicked deeds of Dong and Lu was determined to kill him. He obtained a secret order from the emperor, which authorised him to command some troops. Lu then announced that the emperor had agreed to step down so that Dong could ascend to the throne. He asked Dong to attend the coronation in the capital. When Dong arrived at the northern gate Lu led the troops to besiege and kill him.

At Meiwu Diaochan was waiting anxiously for Lu. Wang warned Diaochan that Lu was an opportunist who could do anything for power and she should also kill him before he became a threat to the empire. At the celebrating banquet Diaochan performed a sword dance but she could hardly point the sword at her lover. Instead she tried to kill herself, but was saved by Lu. Knowing that Diaochan was deeply in love with Lu, Wang no longer opposed to their marriage.

Diaochan - Lin Dai
Lu Bu - Zhao Lei
Dong Zhuo - Luo Wei
Wang Yun - Yang Zhiqing
Li Ru - Li Yunzhong