Beyond the Great Wall (Wang Zhao Jun)


Beautiful lady Wang Qiang was an expert of pipa selected into the Han palace. Emperor Yuan would only select the concubine by painting and this gave the imperial artist Mao Yanshou an opportunity for fraud and corruption. Wang refused to bribe him and thus her portrait was distorted. For three years Wang had never seen the emperor and could only express her sorrow with pipa.

One day when Yuan was hosting a banquet in the courtyard he was attracted to the pipa of Wang. When he summoned Wang to see him he was astonished at her beauty. As he wanted to ask further an old lady appeared and begged Yuan for a good painting by giving him gold. Yuan reckoned it was Mao's fraud and asked his aide Shi Xian to submit the painting of Wang. He was outrageous to see how Wang's painting had been distorted. Meanwhile, Shi told Mao to leave the country for his life.

Since then Yuan accompanied Wang night and day.

Mao escaped to the Huns where he submitted the portrait of Wang to Khan Huhanxie. He also told the Khan that Wang was a Han princess and he was an envoy to propose marriage between the Han and the Huns. The Khan was more than happy to accept his offer and sent his envoy to Han to confirm the arrangements.

Yuan refused his Hun counterpart's offer and rejected all his gifts. Outrageous at Yuan's rudeness and failure on promise, the Khan sent his troops to invade, pledging that he would not retreat until he got Wang.

Yuan was by no means a capable ruler and could hardly make up his mind whether he should fight or give up Wang. Wang did not want to risk the lives of thousands for her own sake and agreed to marry the Khan. Yuan had no better alternative but saw her off in tears.

When in the Huns, Wang was irritated to see Mao who caused all her misfortunes. Knowing that the Khan would never object her suggestions, she asked him to kill Mao and maintain peace with Han throughout his reign. The Khan promised. After the wedding Wang prayed for her motherland at the shore and then drowned herself in the river. The Khan could do nothing to save her but mourned for her patriotism.

Wang Qiang - Lin Dai
Emperor Yuan - Zhao Lei
Khan Huhanxie - Li Ying
Mao Yanshou - Hong Bo
Shi Xian - Jiang Guangchao