Lady in the Moon (Chang E Bin Yue)


Chang E was a fairy of Guang Han Palace in the moon. One day she sneaked into the earth where she met a talented archer Hou Yi and fell in love with him. This was later discovered by the Heavenly Empress. Chang was converted into a human being as a punishment. The Heavenly Empress also told Chang to help Hou serving the interests of the people.

The God of River was outrageous knowing that Chang had married Hou. He wanted to take Chang and waged a war on Hou by flooding. In their struggle, Hou shot at a magic tree and nine golden turtles were released. They became nine suns in the sky, causing serious droughts.

Chang then pleaded the Heavenly Empress for some magic arrows so that Hou could shoot down the spare suns. After that Hou became king with overwhelming support by the people.

Hou was increasingly cruel and corrupt since he ascended to the throne. He waged wars on neighbouring kingdoms and launched extensive construction projects, driving his people to extreme misery and hardships. Chang had tried to stop him but failed. Then she took the magic pill the Heavenly Empress gave her and returned to the moon. Meanwhile, Hou was killed in a rebellion led by his archery student Feng Meng.

Chang E - Le Di
Hou Yi - Zhao Lei
Feng Meng - Tian Qing