Three Gentlemen from Tokyo (San Shen Shi Yan Yu)


The Sakura Ointment had been a well-known brand in Japan for many years but its sales in southeast Asia had been poor. In order to boost sales overseas, managing director Honda then had a meeting with the authorised dealer to work out a plan. However, the authorised dealer thought Sakura Ointment could never be popular in southeast Asia and refused to invest more resources in its promotion. Mr Honda had no choice and but to fly to Hong Kong to look for ways of more effective promotion. He was accompanied by his personal assistant Nanmei and the sales manager Tokai.

On the plane they met Etsuko Hayasaka, who owned a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Honda was attracted to her beauty and promised to visit her at the restaurant.

As they arrived in Hong Kong in the evening, the three gentlemen decided to enjoy themselves for the rest of the day. Honda went to Hayasaka's restaurant, and Nanmei was received by his old classmate Liu Zongzhi.

Accompanied by his sister Liu Xiumin, Liu Zongzhi took Nanmei to sightseeing. Nanmei was very much impressed by Liu Xiumin's beauty and secretly fell in love with her.

Having seen Nanmei back to the hotel, Liu Xiumin went to a department store where she met Tokai, who could not speak a word of English but was trying to buy a watch. Liu Xiumin volunteered to help and had bargained a good price for him. Tokai was very much impressed.

As the three men returned to the hotel at night they were all excited for their first encounters of Hong Kong women.

At midnight Honda was awaken by an unbearable itch. He suspected that it was resulted from an excessive consumption of snake's meat in the evening. His itch could not even be stopped after applying the Sakura Ointment. He had no choice but to fly back to Japan to see a doctor, leaving Tokai and Nanmei in Hong Kong. Days later they learnt that a competitor was planning to open a branch in Hong Kong and Honda hurried back to discuss with his colleagues.

In another occasion Liu Xiumin learnt from Nanmei that his company had been in great difficulty increasing sales overseas. She then promised to persuade her company to be Sakura Ointment's dealer in southeast Asia. Soon they reached an agreement with Liu Xiumin's company and held a banquet for celebration. Nanmei had intended to propose to Liu at the banquet, but he was disappointed and heart-broken to see Liu Xiumin accompanied by a man, who was later known as her fiance.

Liu Xiumin - You Min
Honda - Hisaya Morishige
Tokai - Daisuke Kato
Nanmei - Keiju Kobayashi
Etsuko Hayasaka - Michiyo Aratama
Liu Zongzi - Hong Bo
Liu's fiance - Toshiro Mifune