Sun, Moon and Star - Part Two (Xing Xing, Yue Liang, Tai Yang - Xia Ji)


This was an adaptation of a novel of the same title by Xu Su.

As they fled from the north, Jiang Yu and Yang Ziyun, who had been in love for long, decided to marry. They had a warm but simple wedding in a cottage where all the students were staying. Xu Jianbai also wanted to propose to his lover Su Yanan, but she refused and went away early the next morning to join the army instead. Xu wasted no time to chase after her but instead he met ex-lover Zhu Lan's fiance Li Zhizhong, then a captain. Xu pleaded to Li if he could join the army and Li agreed.

Supported and encouraged by a close friend Ma Qiuming, also Xu's cousin, Zhu finally finished the medical training course and became a qualified nurse. She then worked in a field hospital where one day she found in the list of the deceased the name of Xu, and hurried to the burying ground. Despite opposition she took him back to the hospital for intensive care and Xu gradually recovered.

When unconscious Xu was calling Su's name. Although heart-broken, Zhu tried to look for Su, whose troops were stationing nearby, and asked if she could visit Xu in the hospital. Su refused, but promised to see Zhu back in the hometown when the war was over.

As more and more injured troops were sent to the hospital Zhu's health deteriorated drastically. She was then asked to return home for rest. Before her departure, she told Xu that she was returning home to marry Li.

Meanwhile, Ma had joined a troupe and in the name of "Ma Li", she had been performing for the Chinese troops across the country. In Changsha, Ma was surprised but excited to meet her cousin Xu again. As they talked Ma was saddened to know that Xu had been looking for Su. She then returned home with the troupe in despair.

Soon all parts of China were celebrating their bitter victory against Japanese invasion. Despite the sizzling joy Zhu was dying on her bed. Ma and Su, who had lost one of her legs on the battlefield, came to visit her. Zhu pleaded Ma to marry Xu. As Ma promised in tears, Zhu closed her eyes and passed away peacefully.

Months later Xu returned home and was shocked to know that Zhu had died. He hurried to her graveyard, where he saw Li was busy planting flowers for Zhu. Xu felt ashamed and regretful to see how much Li had done for Zhu, who had instead loved himself so deeply.

Meanwhile Su was said to have moved to Hong Kong and with the help of Zhu's sister, Xu finally managed to find her. But Su refused to marry Xu and returned to her home country in southeast Asia. In a letter to Xu, she told him the last words of Zhu and asked him to find Ma.

When Xu came to a school he saw Jiang and Yang instead. They told him that Ma had taught in the school for some time but later had left for a convent. When Xu arrived at the convent, Ma was in a row of sisters and did not want to recognise him. Xu then left in despair and regret.

Zhu Lan - You Min
Ma Qiuming - Ge Lan
Su Yanan - Ye Feng
Xu Jianbai - Zhang Yang
Li Zhizhong - Zhu Mu
Jiang Yu - Su Feng
Yang Ziyun - Shen Zhong